Funny Stickers

Stickers are fun. Stickers are colorful. Stickers are for kids.

We’re happy to say that the last sentence is downright wrong! Stickers are for adults…if you have the right stickers. That’s where the Think Sarcasm Funny Stickers collection comes in!

Remind everyone that they need to smile with the I Accept Smiles sticker. People will stop asking you to go on runs if you proudly display the If You See Me Jogging, Please Stop Whatever I Chasing Me sticker.  😊

Last but not least, remind others to stay out of your way with the I’m Returning Your Nose, I Found It In My Business sticker!

Order one of these funny stickers for yourself – or for a friend or family member – today! You’ll help to bring stickers into the lives of sarcastic adults everywhere…and that is the way it should be!

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Showing all 4 results