About Us

"Sarcasm Protects Sanity."

In the spring of 2020, the most chaotic time in recent history began. The pandemic -- as it would come to be called -- was the most difficult period of time...in a generation. Between the uncertainty, stress, lockdowns, and isolation, everyone was going completely nuts. 

This time was also very difficult for me, and my spirit took hit after hit as depression gained ground. This site -- and the memes that I post on social media -- were part of the answer to this crisis. Humor and sarcasm were how I kept my sanity intact and literally survived to fight -- or live -- another day.

As I built up my social media presence, I had requests to make some of the memes/topics that I would come across available for purchase. My goal is to sell sarcastic merchandise at a fair price, and thereby make the world a happier, more sarcastic place!

Join me on my journey and work with me as we counter the insanity of politics, insanity, and grumpiness! I wish you all lots of sarcasm and laughter.

Because sarcasm really does protect sanity.